The words “Cry for Life” entered my heart during prayer with a lively fire that deeply touched my soul. At first, I understood these words to be related to Abortion, but as time passed and I searched deeper in prayer for the meaning behind these words, I felt that this movement was to be encompassing of ALL who were affected by abortion; The babies, mothers, fathers, grandparents and extended family as well. These thoughts were further developed and deepened by the experience of praying outside Planned Parenthood and thinking of the countless numbers of little children who were being aborted inside as families walked by on the outside.

Knowing that this movement needed a physical presence, an image of the merciful love that was the heart of the words “Cry For Life”, I approached a Priest at a parish near my home. Very much inspired with the idea, he expressed a desire to have a statue placed in one of the gardens however he made it perfectly clear that the parish could not commit to any financial responsibility. Having no money myself but at the same time being fully convinced this was God’s plan, we agreed that if God wanted it, He would provide the money.

At that point I contacted a sculptor and shared with him what were the inspirations behind the “Cry for Life” movement he was impressed and interested but had nothing that would convey the deep love that I knew needed to be the focal point of the image. I persevered in my conversations with him and after some time God spoke deeply to his heart and the inspiration came. He began to sketch some ideas and send me the drawings. From the merciful heart of Jesus, through my tears to my heart… to the sculptor’s pencil; from his hands to the clay, “Cry for Life” was beginning to come alive…